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TerraLex Cross-Border Guide to Crypto Assets

TerraLex Cross-Border Guide to Crypto Assets

Welcome to the Terralex cross-border guide to crypto assets

Crypto assets have come to the forefront of society quickly. In an area where technology has surpassed the law in many jurisdictions, this guide aims to provide a current snapshot of the legal status of crypto assets around the world, current regulations, and forthcoming or proposed legislation.

Special thanks to Martin Sloan (Brodies) as well as the leaders of the TerraLex Technology & Digital Business Industry Sector Team and Finance & Banking Practice Group for developing the questions for this guide.

How to Use: You can use the tools below to create bespoke reports for the jurisdiction(s) and topic(s) covered. Click into single jurisdiction for one location or use the compare tool to compare multiple jurisdictions. Select the jurisdictions and topics of interest to create your unique report. You also have the option to print or download using the ellipsis button in the top right corner.

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